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Rysa shifted a roll of bandage just an inch to the left. A centimeter to the right. A millimeter left. An imperceptibly small amount to the right.
   Perfect. She got up to her feet and observed the spoils of her admittedly obsessive and somewhat worthless task.
   No, not perfect. Not perfect at all. It wasn't even symmetrical. The hooks should clearly be on the left. The Anubis sighed and plopped down in her large, delicately crafted throne, crossing one leg over the other. This is what passed as entertaining: endlessly rearranging embalming tools on the off chance the Pharaoh kicked the bucket. If she were mortal, she probably would have died of boredom by now. Rysa ran her palm down her foot, flexing her toes uncomfortably; all this pacing in circles was starting to make her sore. There was nowhere to go in this old, tiny temple; it was about as interesting as a brick wall. Well, this whole goddess of the Underworld shtick wasn't all bad. After all, there were far more dead people than living, but as one could imagine, they weren't very active. 
   Except that one guy. Some people just can't accept death with grace.
   Maybe she could leave, just for a minute. No, she pushed the thought out of her head. The last thing she needed was Ra on her back for breaking his stupid rules; her fear of him outweighed her boredom, and that was saying something.
   She rotated herself around to hang her legs off the arm of the chair, curled up, and closed her eyes. She imagined herself far away from here, somewhere sunny and warm, not dark and damp. Somewhere that smelled like the sea instead of death, with the waves slowly lapping at her ankles and the soft sand caressing her paws. If she thought about it hard enough, she could really feel the warm sunshine against her face. She relaxed and settled into this new place; her own personal oasis in the middle of her troubles.

Div by Sexytickletorture

Rysa's eyes felt dry as she opened them. She blinked away the grogginess as she shifted in her chair; she must've dosed off. Her arms were dangling off the other end of the throne, but other than that, she hadn't moved much. It was always so hard to tell how long she was out without the aid of sunlight. A yawn worked it's way out of her maw as she stretched. The Anubis moved her hands to rub her eyes, but they were stopped short. Her heart skipped a beat out of surprise. She pulled again, but was once more halted; something was wrapped around her wrists. She pulled with all her might, but she couldn't free herself.
   She began to panic; she couldn't lift her feet any higher than the arm of the chair. There seemed to be some sort of wrappings from her ankles to her knees keeping her from moving. She looked to the table where she kept the tools; sure enough, the bandaging was missing, along with all of her tools. And her having spent so much time arranging them. Rysa tried to calm down. This was probably nothing more than a prank by one of the others. She could think of no one else stupid enough to do something like this.
   "Hello?" she called, straining her ears for a response
   No answer. Whoever did this didn't stick around to see what happened. She struggled again with the bondage, but to no avail. They sure did a good job tying her up; she wouldn't be able to escape without help.
   "Ra?" she shouted. "Amon? Anyone?"
   She heard voices. " of course he still jumps, and then I'm like, you know what? Anubis can have you. But then he..."
   It sounded like Bastet. "Hey!" Rysa called, attempting to get her attention.
   Sure enough, the gray cat rounded the corner, along with Horus. "Oh, Ry! We were just talk--"
   Both froze in the entryway, taking in the situation; Horus stared, Bastet snorted with laughter. Rysa realized how ridiculous it must've looked.
   "Hey, Rysa," Horus began apprehensively, slowly moving around the throne. "What's goin' on here?"
   "You tell me," the jackal replied. "I just woke up like this."
   "Oh, wait 'til Sekhmet hears about this one," the cat managed to get out through her laughter.
   Rysa let out a huff; this wasn't funny. "Look, just get me out of here."
   Horus fiddled with the restraints around the Anubis' wrists. "Dang, that's tight," the eagle remarked.
   "Can you find something to cut it with?" Bastet asked, still visibly amused.
   "I would, but all my stuff is gone," Rysa said, wiggling a bit in the chair. She was beginning to feel uncomfortable. "Bas, you're in charge of war and stuff, right? Don't you have weapons?"
   The goddess leaned against the back of the seat, resting her head on her fist. "I wish. That's Sekhmet's job; I got stuck with love and peace and all that stuff," she said. "It's pretty boring."
   Not as boring as watching dead people, Rysa thought. Anything would be better than that.
   "Try her ankles," Horus said.
   Bastet tugged a little at the bandages. "Nope," she said, sneaking a claw along the Anubis' sole.
   Rysa jerked a little at her touch. The cat grinned.
   "What's the matter? Is the puppy ticklish?" she taunted.
   Rysa was ticklish, but no one dared take advantage of it; she hated being touched. The cat ran her claws across Rysa's paws.
   "B-Bas, s-s-stop," she whimpered, turning her head.
   Bastet slid her fingers between the jackal's toes, her face covered in a smile. Rysa pursed her lips. "M-M-Make me."
   There was nothing she could to to stop Bastet from harassing her, and the cat knew it; she was going to make the most of the opportunity.
   "Bastet, come on, leave her alone," Horus sighed. "This is already hard enough to untie without you making her shake all over the place."
   "Come on, Horus, you know it looks like fun!" she replied, softly skimming her thumb over the helpless Anubis' sole. Rysa curled her toes and clenched up, letting out a small whine.
   The eagle ignored her and continued trying to free the jackal's wrists, but every time she pulled against her bonds, his progress was reset. He let out an exasperated grunt and seated himself down on the chilly stone floor, watching the Anubis' hands clench and squirm and listening to her discomforted pleas.
   "Bast-heh-het! Noho, stahaop...plea-hease!" Rysa squealed.
   Maybe just once.
   "How!" he heard Bastet say, followed by a yelp from the jackal.
   Just to feel her soft fur under his hands.
   "Noho, nohawt the to-hoh-hoes!" she cried.
   Just to feel her wriggle at his touch; to hear her beg for him to stop.
   "Hohorus-s, heh-help! No!" she gasped.
   He bit his lip and stood up. He shouldn't.
   Bastet stopped for a moment. "Do it," she smiled.
   The eagle watched Rysa's chest rise and fall with her ragged gasps for air. She blinked some tears out of her eyes and laid her head back, groaning.
   "Oh...guys...just, just...don't...uhg...oh, man..." she muttered between deep breaths.
   She was so exposed. Horus extended his hand towards the jackal's abdomen and softly placed a palm on it. She jolted up and let out a tiny yip in surprise. He couldn't help but smile; she really was ticklish.
   Now Horus was in on it? What could she do now?
   "Horus, please, no," Rysa said, shaking her head. "Just let me go, please. I can't--I mean, you just...I-I--"
   The eagle gently ran a feathered finger across the smooth surface, savoring every twitch of her body.
   "Ah-ha, nononono..." she mumbled, blushing and clenching her teeth. "Plea-ease..."
   He clawed in circles with both hands, making the defenseless Anubis squirm restlessly.
   A quiet giggle escaped her mouth. "Stohap, Horus! No...please..." Her face reddened.
   She almost seemed to be enjoying herself.
   "Alright, playtime's over," Bastet said with a grin, digging both thumbs into Rysa's arches.
   Rysa squealed with laughter. "GAHAH! Nahaw, do-hoh-hoan't!"
   The eagle stroked up and down the length of the jackal's sides, forcing her body to convulse with futile attempts to escape his soft, feathery touch.
   "Hohoaru-huh-huhs!" she gasped, "Ba-has, stahahawp, pleaheh-heese!"
   The Anubis pulled and scrunched her toes and tried anything she could to combat Bastet's attacks on her feet, but nothing would stop her. The cat ran her sandpapery tongue up and down and all over her defenseless feet, ever-so-slowly, tormenting every last bit of her soles.
   "Bah-HAH-ha-has! Ahahaugh, nahauw, pleahe-ahugh!" she pleaded, tears streaming down her face, panting in-between bouts of laughter. "Hohoru-hus! Hehealp! Stahawp, plea-hease!"
   It was like someone dragging a rock on her paws, unrelenting and pitiless; she could think of no worse torture.
   Unfortunately for her, Bastet could. The cat wrapped her maw around the Anubis' foot, nibbling and licking in every crevice she could find, scraping her sharp teeth across each individual toe, all the while delivering merciless attacks with her claws across her soles.
   "Ha-ha-haauw! Ahah-haug, staha! Nahah! Pleahea-he-hease, stahahawp! I-hi'm behehgging ya-haoo!" she howled, soaked with sweat and tears.
   Meanwhile, Horus delivered soft strokes all across the jackal's thrashing torso, not missing one square inch.
   Rysa roared with laughter. "GAHAW! Stahahawp, plea--noHO! Stahawp! StahaHAWp!"
   Bastet paused for a moment, wiping saliva from her mouth. The cat smiled and crouched down out of the Anubis' view.
   The eagle lifted himself up onto the Anubis' lap, pinning her down and pulling her midsection taut. He ran his feathers across the defenseless jackal's underarms and ribs.
   Rysa couldn't breathe for more than half a second, and the few breaths she retrieved were quickly spent on her uncontrollable, roarous howling. Her limbs ached from struggling, her throat was dry from her laughter, her fur was matted with sweat and tears, and her whole body was being relentlessly assaulted by tongues and teeth and claws and feathers and--
   "Hey, Horus," Bastet said, standing back up with a wicked grin spread across her face.
   The eagle stopped and turned to look. Rysa took the moment to stop and breathe; her whole body rose and fell as she gasped for air.
   "Guys...I...guys..." she panted.
   "Look what I found," the cat sang, lifting up a roll of bandage and--
   "N-No, no. Not that. Not the hooks!" Rysa babbled, her breathing accelerating to a rapid pace.
   Bastet ignored the Anubis and moved around to be behind her; she mockingly hovered the sharp curves of metal near her underarms.
   Rysa tried her hardest to escape, but nothing worked. Her eyes filled with tears. "Horus, please, s-stop her. I-I'll do anything, really! Anything! I-I, just, please, I..."
   Horus just laughed. "Wow, you really don't like tickling, do you?"
   "No! I don't! Stop it, please!" she cried.
   Bastet moved the hooks closer and closer, just grazing the jackal's fur.
   The Anubis tensed up and whined. "Nonononononono..."
   The cat ever-so-lightly dragged the hooks up her underarms.
   "No! Don't! Sta-HAwp!" she yelled, thrashing as much as she could under the weight of the eagle. Bastet laughed at the response.
   "You know what, Bas? I think we should stop now." Horus said.
   Bastet pouted. "Aw, but it was just getting good."
   Horus stood up and took one of the hooks, cutting the bandage around Rysa's arms and legs. She pulled her limbs inwards, tucking into a ball.
   "Hey, you okay?" Bastet asked.
   "Leave me alone," Rysa mumbled, hiding her blushed face.
   Horus motioned for the cat to follow him out of the chamber. Rysa listened to the sound of their footsteps until she couldn't hear them anymore, and got up from her throne.
   The jackal took the bandage and hooks and snuck towards Bastet's room. She wondered if cats were ticklish.

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