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Eli let out a small gasp as he awoke into the world of Eon; the feeling of total immersion always threw him off for the first moments of playing. He rotated himself out of his bed as naturally as if he were really there and slipped his paws into his leather boots. A smile crept across his face as he felt the soles of the footwear. The teenage wolf boy made his way to the front door of his house as he sheathed his Blackiron sword over his back. He took a deep breath, even smelling the musk of his wooden shed, and stepped outside.
As always, this world awed him. Yellow light spilled through the oak trees and onto the cobblestone path that led through Oakford, illuminating the other players of this game who were easily identified by green icons floating above their heads. He took it all in; the sound, the smell, even the taste of the cool morning air. It was incredible. Some people were giving him strange stares, and he decided it was time to go. After he'd bolted his door, he headed toward the market. He needed to restock his potions after the dungeon he and Jake barely completed. Other players walked past, some of them chattering amongst themselves about what fortress they'd raid next or what wonders the new update had brought, others simply running past everything, only focused on their destination.
Speaking of destination, he had arrived in the market, and paced towards the elixir shop.
"Greetings, traveler," the shopkeeper welcomed, "might I interest you in some wares?"
Eli ignored the computer-generated person's pre-recorded message, buying some health potions. He learned long ago that trying to carry on intelligent conversation with the likes of him would only result in frustration; it was one of the only downfalls of Eon.
"Thank you," he said to the man, despite it's uselessness.
"Greetings, traveler, might I interest you in some wares?" they repeated, making Eli roll his eyes.
Without warning, a shock exploded through his sides, almost making him drop his pouch in surprise. He whipped around to see a black wolf grinning a few inches from his face.
"You scared the crud out of me!" Eli said, playfully punching his friend in the shoulder.
"That was the idea," Jake replied, ignoring the pathetic attack and leaning against the stand. "What's up?"
Eli held up a bottle of health potion. "Just getting some stu--"
He stopped in mid-sentence as a large satchel hit Jake square in the face, spilling apples across the ground. Both of them stared, puzzled, and looked up to see two people sprinting down the street.
"Halt right there!" they heard as four or five guards stopped in front of them. "You're under arrest."
The two wolves shot each other a distressed look and lifted their hands in the air.

* * *

"I'm gonna' kill those jerks," Jake growled, rubbing his face one last time before his wrists were tied behind his back.
Eli sighed as a guard closed his set of stocks over his ankles. "How long do we have to stay here?" he asked, wiggling his feet.
"Fifty-nine minutes," the watchman replied mechanically, "for stealing apples."
"I told you, we didn't steal them!" the black wolf exclaimed. The man just wandered away.
"I guess that's what happens when you shoplift, Jake," Eli said with a shrug.
His friend gave him a look like he wanted to melt his brains. Eli just laughed and adjusted himself in his chair. This could be better than he thought. They sat in silence for at least ten minutes until someone walked over.
"Hey, check it out," the fox boy said to the girl he was walking with. "What happened to you guys?"
Jake tried to back away as the stranger leaned against the stocks. "Nothing," he replied, "this guy thinks we stole apples."
"Oh, that's too bad," the cat girl pouted, resting her head on Eli's shoulder.
The wolf blushed and glanced at his friend, who looked as uncomfortable as he did. "Um, y-yeah..." he stuttered, "too bad."
"It must be boring over here by yourselves," she said, running a finger down the wolf's neck.
Eli couldn't help but shiver at her touch. "N-no, it's fine, really."
The fox put on a playful smile. "That so?"
"Yeah, we're fine, thanks," Jake said, trying to cover his nervousness.
"Hear that, Kendra? They say they're fine."
Kendra grinned and put her hands on Eli's boots; she began unbuckling them, slowly.
"W-Wait a minute," he said, attempting to pull his foot back.
She leisurely removed the footwear, exposing his white-furred paws. The girl softly dragged her claw across a sole, making the wolf cringe with the sensation.
"Wait, no," Eli said through his teeth, "d-don't do that..."
Jake could do nothing but stare as the fox took his shoes as well. "Eli..." he said.
The boy unhurriedly sat his head in his palm and reached his other hand towards the black wolf's foot.
"No, stop, wait!" Jake begged, already struggling against the stocks.
The fox boy laughed. "Ken, look at this guy; I'm not even touching him!"
Kendra stopped stroking Eli's feet, much to his relief. "Oh, come on, Tony, don't mess with the poor boy."
Tony's smile widened as he scratched his victim's paw, making him roar with laughter.
"Ahaw! No, pleahease!" he pleaded.
Tony continued clawing the wolf's feet, ignoring his cries. Kendra leaned on Eli's leg; Eli leaned as far away from the white cat as he could.
The brown wolf glared at her. "Do you have a foot fetish or something?"
She chuckled as she slid her fingers along his toes. The wolf let out a snort while he tried to battle her feather-like touch.

"You say that like it's a bad thing," she taunted gently, using her second hand to caress his other foot.
Tony finally stopped tormenting Jake long enough for him to catch his breath. "Need help over there?" he asked, moving towards Eli.
Eli vigorously shook his head "no" at the offer.
"Sure, take that one," Kendra said.
Both laid against the helpless wolf and began attacking his feet; It was an unbearable mix of soft touches from Kendra and rough clawing from Tony.
He couldn't hold it in anymore and finally burst out in hysterical laughter. "Ahahah, nohoho! Stohop, pleeheease!"
Eli thrashed and pulled against his restraints, but to no avail; he was locked up tight. He could do nothing but gasp for breath between fits of laughing as the two scratched and stroked his paws. Without warning, Kendra ran her wet, sandpapery tongue over his foot, licking in-between his defenseless toes; the feeling was both unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable. Tony ceased his assault and watched with curious amusement at his friend's behavior.
"Gahah, no! Dohon't! S-Stop!" Eli whined at the odd form of tickling, "I cahan't! Wait!"
The fox boy turned his attention back to Jake, who had regained his strength and was watching with a mix of bewilderment and anxiety. "You feeling better?" Tony asked with a grin.
Jake put on his best puppy-dog eyes. "Please let us go," he whimpered.
Tony calmly walked to the wolf's side and pouted. "I would if I could, but I do believe you have," he checked an invisible watch, "thirty more minutes of punishment."
He jabbed Jake in the side with a finger, producing an uncharacteristically high-pitched yelp. Tony chuckled at his captive's misfortune.
"And it's gonna' be a looong thirty minutes."

* * *

Eli and Jake both collapsed to the ground, panting for breath, as the guards unlocked them from the stocks.
"Ugh..." Eli moaned, exhausted from all the laughing and thrashing.
Jake managed to prop himself up on one arm. "Let's," he gasped, "never steal apples..."
Eli nodded weakly.
Tony and Kendra leaned over the two, smiling softly. "Well, it's been fun, fellas. Oh, and Jake..." Tony grinned, "sorry for hittin' you with that satchel."
The wolves both bolted up and drew their weapons. "You're dead!" Jake roared.
They chased their tormentors down the path, but Tony and Kendra were much faster and much less tired than them.
"Catch you later, hun!" Kendra called back as the two escaped.
Eli and Jake stopped their pursuit and plopped down in front of the well, irritated and slightly embarrassed.
"Weirdos," Eli huffed.
Neither spoke to each other until they saw a girl getting locked up in the stocks.
"Oh, come on," the blue and white cat whined as ropes were tied around her wrists. "An hour?"
She sighed and glared at nothing in particular. The wolves simultaneously looked at each other.
Jake smirked. "I wonder if she's ticklish?"



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